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Welcome to Galaxy web Tech

An Award Winning Digital Marketing Company

GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. is a highly integrated Business Marketing Company that has expertise in services of digital marketing, Website Design and Development, SEM, SEO, PPC, SMO, Mobile application development, and Online reputation management services. We bring the experience of our experts who have been working for over years to collect and apply hand-picked strategies for digital marketing websites and social media platforms.

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Working for more than 10 years, GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. has been able to deliver more than 5000+ strategies for different businesses upscaling them in the best possible way. Our digitally armed troop possesses the right knowledge, skills and mindset to bestow a completely elaborative service to the enterprises.

From pitching up strategies helpful in building your social benchmark to delivering the best to the customers, GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. has been using its years of experience and creative team in favour of your online marketing businesses without leaving any stone unturned. Looking for the best SEO company in India? Galaxy can become one! But how?

  • We help you create the most innovative and attractive ads for your business and product.
  • Currently, we are running more than 300 campaigns on a monthly basis.
  • We have developed more than 150 technologically efficient bespoke and SaaS-based websites consisting of inventiveness and originality.
  • Our experts work in varied niches and industries, enlarging our field of experience.
  • We have assisted 5,000+ businesses and have helped improve their online business value by 20%.

The Story behind establishing GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. is a personal take of our founders who wished to spread the importance of the digital form of business and market to as many individuals as they could. The Internet helped both our founders to establish a well-settled career but something was missing, according to them, however, the WHAT was one thing they couldn’t figure out.

The 20s came with a lot of technological and governmental upgrades in the business sector that were supposed to work in favour of the business class industry. However, the early 20s which were supposed to be the foundation of the working industry turned out to be a nightmare for businesses.

As much as 90% of the businesses all over the world started going down for many reasons, the biggest one being the lack of internet usage and awareness of the same. This bothered Vikas Chauhan who, during one of his flights spent hours researching the condition of failing businesses that have to bore the brunt of lack of knowledge in digital marketing. This research on the flight stuck in his mind for a long time and then he met a few of his friends who also faced a similar problem; a failing business. After spending days and nights understanding the depth of the cause, Vikas Chauhan’s mind was completely blown when he came across what the internet could bring to the businesses in the future if they appropriately followed the process, this made him crystal clear about one thing: That he would establish a company to help businesses gain an edge in their field through digital platforms. Vikas Chauhan came back home to discuss the same with his IT professional brother who, likewise Vikas Chauhan, sat off on a mission to not only help businesses build but establish a business that assists the operations of every struggling business in need.

With just 2 people, a home-turned office, and their expertise of marketing segments and IT educational backgrounds, they began gaining the edges for their idea as they named their dream company GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD.. Starting from 2009, Vikas Chauhan worked exceptionally well researching the industry standards, work commitments, loopholes of the businesses, marketing strategies and ideas that prevails a business, whether small or multi-level.

Likewise any other business, GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. began its operations along with many struggles, still, they carried out an efficient brand but not without settling down every downhill the business had hit. Even after having years of experience in the IT and marketing field, the founders faced problems with the changing trends and especially the frequent changes in the Google policies created the biggest shift into the business industry. Overcoming each of those issues, 5 years of struggle brought the company hundred of international clients across 15 different countries. Furthermore, many years after coming to blows while adapting to the changing Google trends, the founders made GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. a company certified with Google Partner certification and Google Ad in 2016. 2016 became a brilliant turnaround for the company as it began its operations locally after spending 5 years serving international businesses.

Even after its inception in 2011, the company witnessed several challenges being a small startup, however, with the hard work, confidence and a growth mindset, the company became a big name with 30+ strong and talented employees, now in 2022. Our struggles, knowledge and strategies made us what we are today. Our team has helped build us the name we have today. After competing with thousands of SEO marketers around the world, both locally and internationally, every SEO employee of ours is certified by Google which makes us an extremely proud brand altogether.

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