Welcome to GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD.! As per COVID situation, currently our entire team is working from home. We discourage client to physically meet with our employees in this pandemic, But If you would like to meet face to face with any of our employees, Please ensure that meetings are scheduled through our company official email and kindly keep company email id info@galaxywebtech.com in CC. Please do not make any cash payment to employee for any of our services. All payment needs to happen through our official website or invoice sent from company emails. Thank you!

In a way to introduce a scalable customer experience, we offer a crystal clear and comprehensive refund policy. Kindly read our terms and conditions below.

  • We are a digital marketing agency that offers varied services to improve the marketing segment of businesses. However, kindly note that we ONLY offer promotions in our services.
  • If a business pays us to list their business on our website's listing page, kindly note, that GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. uses the finances given by you for the marketing and promotion of your business ONLY.
  • If anyone is reaching out to the businesses on our listing page, the person is herself or himself responsible to enquire about the reliability and credibility of the business. GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. does not hold any responsibility of any kind if any fraudulent activity is done by the businesses listed on our website.
  • We are also catering to several third-party businesses and websites via our services such as Blogs, Vcard, and Listing. Kindly note, that GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. is not directly or indirectly associated with them if they are involved with any fraud and damage.
  • Before beginning the project work with a particular client, we take out a complete survey to guide ourselves about the brand and its loopholes. This process helps us to check if we can offer desirable results to the company using our strategies.
  • Our working and task development encourages synchronization between both parties eliminating any scope of dispute in the future. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that each project we take out is initiated by keeping the company in the loop as and when the process goes on. Hence, this assists us in eliminating the development of any risk of project cancellation or contract reversal.
  • After approval of the mock-up designs, the payment done by the client becomes non-refundable as we move a step up to the project's development phase.
  • Since we offer a service-based service to the other party, both time and human resources are involved in every completed project. Therefore, we do not offer a refund on the task that is already completed.
  • Moreover, we also do not offer a partial refund mid-way through the initial stage of the project.
  • If the client still wishes to discontinue our services, then the client will be charged only for the completed tasks. However, if any future payment stands pending, then the payment is automatically negated. Kindly note, that no preceding deposit or payment shall be revoked in any scenario.
  • The amount finalised on account of special occasions offered by our marketing team is irrevocable and these projects are time-bound and cannot be nullified.
  • We also do not offer any partial or complete refund in the scenario of the temporary projects that exceed 30 days period.
  • GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD.’s Terms and Conditions for Middle-Persons and Freelancers
  • Several freelancers and middle-man approach us to build websites for their clients. In this case, we only know the freelancers who approach us and give us information about the brand. However, all such brands must note that GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. is not answerable or responsible for any of your questions, doubts, problems, or queries should anything arise. Kindly contact your middleman or concerned person for the same. GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. does not hold the responsibility for the same.
  • Kindly note, that GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. is not connected with the freelancers or middleman on a contractual basis or in any other way. They are our clients who take our services at our price list.
  • If any freelancer or middle person does any type of fraudulent activity, GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. is not directly or indirectly involved with either, the brand or the freelancer and is not responsible for any fraud, or damage.
  • GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. does not hold any repayment or reimbursement to the clients whose websites have been created by us via a middle person or a freelancer.
  • The payments will only be considered which have been done through the registered personal account of the company, that is, GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. and not the freelancers or middle persons.
  • After the completion of the services and payment through the freelancer or middle person, if any brand is willing to directly associate with the services of GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD., our team will be more than happy to offer them a great experience. However, we are not answerable to the freelancers or middle person in the situation mentioned above since the client has approached us for their requirement.