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Video Marketing

Recent statistics claim that 94% of the marketers have believed to be benefitted from the videos because these help in understanding the products and services in a better way. So, what is stopping you? 81% of the marketers claim that videos have assisted them directly to increase the sales of their services. This is the best anyone can explain how video marketing has helped in improving and changing the buying scenarios, especially in the current era. Not just content and photos, videos are the best source to support your sales and marketing segments, better than any other resource.

The more beautifully and creatively you will represent your brand, the more you will be able to bring out the best in you and your brand. The buying aspect of the online platform comes with several drawbacks, one of which is not having a proper outlook of how the item or service looks like and to resolve this issue, there's no better alternative than video marketing. Promote your business and market your products using video marketing and you will witness a natural improvement in the entire business and sales outcome. Videos assist in generating leads, educating the audience, and converting the leads positively. Almost every social media marketing agency claims to make the best ads that help you generate leads but there's a very strong reason why you must choose a digital marketing agency like GWT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. and here's the answer to that why.

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Galaxy's team of experts and young enthusiasts combines their hard work, skill, knowledge and experience together to deliver video ads that will serve your marketing purpose just right! Good content and the right keywords require the assistance of an eye-catchy and well-explained video that doubles the outcome of your ad campaign. The best SEO experts in India also claim to have positive results with the help of the video marketing ads as compared to the graphics, photos and content.

We are not only involved in digital marketing with social media expertise but we are a team that will offer you the best ideas for the video marketing that will work best for your audience attracting them to your platform. Our digitally-efficient video marketing strategies will help increase the engagement on your social and digital platforms through a more affordable medium.

Being one of the top Indian marketing companies, we have created more than 500 qualitative video marketing ads that has helped generate more than 10,000 convertible leads for different brands, both, product and service based.

  • Video marketing develops brands' quality and name value.
  • A Video helps customers simplify the information of the product or service without any complication.
  • Video marketing assists in not only grabbing active customer base but also in building viewers and attracting potential buyers too.
  • Video marketing improves the SEO and also boosts conversions as well as sales. But how? According to Hubspot survey, as many as 31% of the marketers prefer adding video in their campaigns in order to improve the SEO of the website.
  • Video marketing also upgrades the quality of the page (social media and website) and helps people connect to the business.
  • Pour the creativity and marketing point of view in the videos and we will ensure the effective results.